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Sep 12, 2012 4:00am PDT
. and for unemployment? the california unemployment rate equals 10.7%. the bay iraq a local county by county screen. marin county has the lowest in the state at only 6.7%. san mateo, 7%. and you see 7.6% and santa clara is nearly 8%. it could be more proof that the middle class is shrinking. a new economic report showing that this was a $57,000 drop of a median income. however the top 1 percent actually saw their income grow. and the wealth and income gap has been expanding for decades this trend however has accelerated during this economic downside. >> governor jerry brown will sign assembly bill 340 at iceremony. he will cap the salary cap for their retirement funds and also pressuring them to work longer. deportation if deep for datif--deportation work to increase? 44 percent have been impacted with 93 percent of those were crime related from mexico, central america including guatemala, honduras. by the end of august there had already been 366,000 deportations. >> decision 2012. and the presidential debates are just a few weeks away toward which candidates will have the upper hand? a new cnn and
Sep 11, 2012 6:00am PDT
acts of them. the war in iraq is over and we are training security forces in i've i read. by the end of 2014 the longest war in our history should be over. countless civilians have opened their hearts to our veterans. 11 years ago memorial services were held for americans of different races decrees and backgrounds. and yet instead of turning us against each other tragedy has now brought us together. many thought that i were fired was a dance of qaeda or religion. but this country was built as a beacon of tolerance and that is what has made a strong. finally when those innocent souls were taken from us they left behind an unfulfilled work and task that might remain undone. that is why on a day when people thought to bring this country down we have brought together services and remembrance. the scripture tells us that not to be become by evil but to become evil with good. there is no other way to honor the people that died but by discovering the best in ourselves. we should renew our faith that even through the darker days become a brighter day. we come to the pentagon to touch these n
Sep 21, 2012 4:00am PDT
with traffic with iraq,. >> good morning, nice and easy. ericka--a quick commute check shows the east bay freeways and the south- bay and the peninsula, the bayshore, looking decent. >> get ready to look at something amazing. the endeavor is making its way towards california law and should be over the bay. this morning. it will take off from edwards air force base at 8:00 a.m. will tran is at the moffett field. we are wanting to time this out. perhaps people can see this on their morning commute? >> it could be low. just like the blue angels. however, it is going to be difficult i just spoke with the moffett field center. there is not a schedule on where they will be at a certain times. we will have to state to end. the gates will be open to the public. the what-stay tuned. however, there are encouraging that there is going to be plenty of fun. it is projected to fly low and it is advised to take public transportation. here is some history about endeavor. some of bullet points. with history. and its first debuted in 1992. it has gone on 25 space missions and if retired just the last coupl
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3